The Complete Kit To Easily & Quickly Change Tyre And Start Your Car.

All you need to change your car tire is ZERO Experience and this HEAVY DUTY MULTIFUNCTIONAL 16-IN-1 CAR JACK KIT

This Car Jack Kit is Stable, Safe, and Easy to use, you can easily Jack up any Car in less than a Minute and this Saves you time & Energy 

You Never Know When You will get a flat tire

What if it is a remote area with no help around? As a man what if your partner gets stranded somewhere with no help around?

Don’t Get Kidnapped Because You Got Stranded And Don’t Know How To Change A Flat Tire

See What This Product is About

What the Box Contains
  • Electric jack * 1PC
  • Electric Impact wrench * 1PC
  • Inflatable Pump *1PC
  • Tow Rope *1PC
  • Inflatable head *3PC
  • Sedan Head * 2 pc
  • Star Screwdriver * 1pc
  • Inflatable Needle * 1pc
  • 4m Power cable * 1PC
  • Battery Clamp * 1PC
  • Fuse * 3PC
  • Socket Adapters* 2PC
  • Gloves *1Set
  • Safety hammer * 1PC
  • Box with safety sign *1PC
  • User manual * 2PC
  • Hand Rocker *1pc
Excellent Built-in Inflator

Equipped with a tire pumping inflator and a tire pressure display, you can easily monitor and adjust tire pressure with precision. Prepare to be amazed at how effortless and swift it is, even if you’ve never changed a tire before!

All for Your Security

Versatility meets convenience. Our portable car lift comes with two LED lights to illuminate your work area, even in the darkest of nights. Don’t let rain stop you; the hydraulic car jack and power cable connectors are waterproof, ensuring reliable performance on rainy days.

Power Source

Our car Jack offers two power supply methods—connect it to your vehicle’s cigar lighter or use the recommended car battery option for optimal stability.




With a lifting range of 6.1 to 17.7 inches, it’s compatible with nearly all autos, sedans, SUVs, MPVs, pickups, and trucks. The powerful hydraulic strength of our car jack outshines the competition, making it the ultimate choice for all your lifting needs.

Time-saving Efficiency

With its hydraulic-driven power, the PowerLift Electric Car Jack can lift vehicles weighing up to 5 tons in less than 2 minutes. Say goodbye to wasting time and energy on manual jacks that slow you down. 

Easy Tire Changes

Changing tires becomes a hassle-free process with the PowerLift Electric Car Jack. Equipped with a tire pumping inflator and a tire pressure display, you can conveniently monitor and adjust your tire pressure with ease. Even if you have limited experience with tire changes, this electric car jack simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.

Watch the video below on how to use this Product

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Satisfied Customers Testimonies

It was a payment on delivery and I made sure to test the product before I paid and it really did perform more than my expectations. It’s a great product, I recommend!

Used it to change a tire on my daughter’s SUV it worked like a dream I was completely blown away I’m getting another for myself

A great deal of thought has gone into this item. I have used it several times and it has performed above and beyond my expectations. If your wife is ever on the side of the road in an emergency this is an easy and effective item


Takes changing a tire from a sweaty hour-long experience to a quick 15-minute inconvenience. I had a flat on the side of the interstate at night and was so thankful I had bought this just weeks before.

Ordered it a year ago and had never used it a friend got a flat and was stuck late at night in a parking lot. Even at night it was very easy to use. The jack was quick and removing the lug nuts was incredibly easy. Nice to know if I ever need it myself, will be easy to do.

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