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Imagine the shape of your leg & Tommy some few years back!!, very adorable right?

Most people thinks having solution to their problems or condition is impossible but it’s wrong!!, you only need just a single right solution to change the whole story. This herbal detox will shock you with it’s unbelievable results.


Feel refreshed and relaxed with detoxing foot spa

This single product sky-rocked the price & the demand of ginger due to excessive orders of this medicine, ginger has become Gold (scarce) in China where it was manufactured.   

Immersing feet in a tub of warm Herbetox™ is a nice way to relax after a long day. It offers a luxurious at-home spa experience with ultimate refresh and relaxation.

This ancient blend of Chinese medical herbs increases circulation, reproductive system, relieves pain, draws out impurities, purifying toxins, and toning the skin. The active ingredients are absorbed deeply to regulate lymph drainage, as well as detoxification, and boosting immunity.

Herbetox™ works to improve blood flow through the body in a similar fashion as exercising or going for a walk whilst simultaneously having a foot massage, thus substantially reducing the chances of insomnia, illness, disease and improving weight loss.

Fill a foot bath with the Herbetox™ and warm water and place the tired feet into the bath. Relax and soak for 20 – 30 minutes to feel relaxed and refreshed.


  1. Detoxifying foot soak 
    Detox the whole body and remove any toxins inside of the system. It helps to draw out dirt and impurities, purifying toxins and toning the skin.
  2. Powerful artemisias 
    Artemisias is well-known for its healing benefits, including detoxification and anti-inflammation. It prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus substantially reducing the chances of illness, disease and removing harmful body toxins.
  3. Slimming and weight loss
    Draw out dirt, impurities, and toxins which cause and accumulate body fats in the body, it also helps the body to lose weight and reduce swelling.
  4. Improve metabolism
    Promotes a smooth flow of blood and energy to increase blood and lymph circulation thus promoting metabolic functioning, antioxidant functioning and regulates the immune system.
  5. Better sleep quality
    Soothe muscles and achy feet, reduce swelling, relieve pains, stress, headaches, and get a better night’s sleep.
  6. Natural skin revitalizing
    Remove harmful body toxins to help prevent acne breakouts, allergies, and other skin problems, restore skin natural radiance.
  7. Precious Natural Herbs
    Various beneficial natural herbs are picked and combined to produce a healthy pack. No chemicals, medicine, and harmful substances used.


Qestions & Anwers (FAQ)

Q1.) Is each bag for one time use or can it be used for multiple soaking sessions? I am a bit confused by the Dosage instructions.

ANSWER: I’ve personally used a bag multiple times, but I’ve kept it in the original water each time otherwise the bag loses its potency. I’ve gotten about 4-5 uses out of it then toss the bag & dump the water. These bags are amazing with what they can do for your feet!

Q2.) Can children and old people use it?

ANSWER: Yes, these herbs can be used to soak children and the elderly, and they can also be used to bathe children, while improving the elderly’s sleep, fatigue and so on. Its function is not only to resist the athlete’s foot, soften the calluses, remove dead skin, etc..

Q3.) Are the foot soak packs reusable?

ANSWER: No, they are not. They are like giant teabags… once done you cannot reuse them.

Q4.) Is herbal foot bath bag, in addition to the toenail fungus that can treat athletes’ feet, what other effects?

ANSWER: It has a lot of functions, it also has a good health care function. Long-term use of this herbal foot bath bag can alleviate the pain in your body, increase immunity and resistance, and make you younger. It is a must-have product for many long-lived elderly people. Our people here use it every day to soak their feet for about 20 minutes



  • Time of use: 20 – 30 minutes, use as needed
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry environment

Package included:

  • Herbetox™ X 10 pcs

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