If a Security Guard Quit his Job & made it, why can’t You??

NOTE: Please  read carefully, Cos you will never forget today’s date.


My mentor once told me that in this 21st century & the internet ERA, if you’re still broke or poor then you don’t know what you’re doing and you need help. When I see people using Facebook for fun I always feels like telling them to stop! But unfortunately I can’t, because we can’t know all and that’s how life was carefully planned by the creator. Again, the smart ones would always use the dull ones as a stepping stone to up their games. In other words, the rich always leverage all the available mediums to get better, at times even the less privileged.

Today consider yourself lucky for having access to reading this piece of information, I want to provide you with insights and teach you how to make real money On the internet, Even while sleeping! I know this might sounds unbelievable but please don’t doubt me yet, just follow me and I will show you all the evidence with a sincere mind.

Before we dive in, here is a short story of myself on how I was raised from being a Security Guard to having total financial freedom.



Due to the pressure of the Covid 19 pandemic & subsequent lockdowns, I wasn’t paid for more than 3 months as a security guard. That was how I kept on managing until I came across these life-saving opportunity that changed my life. Precisely on the 17th of April 2019, I stumbled upon the opportunity to learn about e-commerce business online just like you are doing right now.  As we progressed, I started to implement!

Fortunately, a colleague paid back some money I borrowed him sometimes back. Then I sourced for a product to sell locally, it was (anti-hypertension Tea) it contains 20 tea bags per box which cost ₦1,500, I sold each at ₦9,500 per box on Facebook within Abuja City without leaving my house.  

 The Expenses & The Profits: 

I was buying the product ₦1,500 spending ₦200 on Facebook advertisements per product,  ₦600 on Logistics/delivery (the dispatch riders) & Selling it ₦9,500, Then after removing all the expenses my net profit per sale was ₦7,200, I was selling at least 14boxes per month, which is  ₦7,200 x 14pcs = #100,800

Mind you, my work was still going on…..! Until when I was sure that I could make above 100k a month,  then I told myself it is time to quit and face E-commerce as a full-time job. The following month Suprised me when I doubled my profit due to my full commitment to the business.

 And one amazing thing is that these same customers do dash me extra money for serving them well, if I happen to make the delivery myself because what I’m selling is scarce in the local markets, when I mean local market I mean any physical shops. 

At that moment, I knew that truly there’s money in this country! true!!, My business started expanding, I started selling the same TEA in Lagos, Ibadan, Delta State, port Harcourt & Kano, all online without travelling there and my money are been sent to me every day. All you need to do is to get started with Just a fairly Used android mobile phone of 13k that I was using then, sometimes, I do borrow a laptop or went to a cyber Café to hire time and that’s how I changed my life. 

You can sell anything online ranging from Car accessories, Home appliances, Cars, Houses, Health products, beauty products, fitness & so on, many people lack this knowledge & skills that’s why they regards any Online businesses as Fraud, please don’t belong to such group, ask questions and a light will be shine on your way, there are tremendous opportunities Online just give one a trial, with commitment, persistent & hard working you will shock everyone with your result.

Now I have gone far, I also sell to Ghana & Kenya from Nigeria. You can also do it if you wish to change your life. Stop depending on the Government. The number of Civil servants keeps on increasing every year and the Government is finding it difficult to pay salaries. No employment opportunities and more graduates and being produced every year.

Every day you just keeps reading posts on the internet about how young people are getting rich either by freelancing services, e-commerce, Affiliate marketing, comedy skirts or YouTube creators, so on legitimately. But you only choose to doubt instead of giving it a trial. Let me remind you that the Labour market is too cheap in Nigeria And Africa as a whole. Imagine a graduate receiving $50 as a monthly salary with this inflation, how can he survive if he has a wife talk less of childrens? but it’s not too late if you can have a re-think! I remembered living the life of a security guard! 😊

Take a step today. I’m here to help you get started now!! Nobody can hold you back except you give them the chance to, I can’t explain everything on this page in just writing, That’s why I recorded some simple video tutorials that will teach you how to do the business most wasy steps and Guides cautiously, I have promised to train another 250 students since my WhatsApp group can’t take more than that for a mentorship class. My previous students are making money every month. Imagine someone that invested 10k for a course and makes back #80k pure profit the next month, wow that’s insane!! watch their testimony videos below for proof.

Now to get started instantly just click on the start Now button below & make a one time payment of ₦10,000  to have access to everything you needed, there’s also a one & one question & Anwer with me your mentor.

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